We are honored to announce an exclusive venue partnership with MadFish Winery for the upcoming Yallingup Surfilm Festival to be held in January, 2010. MadFish Winery will serve as the featured venue for all film showings during the weekend-long surf culture experience. The three-day event aims to inspire exploration into surf culture and to provide passionate artists from around the world with a forum for sharing their creativity.

Located in the Yallingup region, MadFish Wines is a family owned and operated winery that has earned an international reputation for making wines that are among the world’s finest. Featuring an award winning architectural building incorporating feng shui principles with contemporary Australian design, and flanked by tall marri and karri trees – it is a world class location for the festival.

Amy Burch, Owner of MadFish Wines says “We are committed to bringing diverse surf culture to the Western Australian surf community. This festival is a chance for the surf community to come together and celebrate broad influences from around the world.”

The MadFish story begins in the far southern reaches of Western Australia where, 15 kilometres from the quiet coastal town of Denmark, is the picturesque Madfish Bay. According to local folklore, the bay’s tranquility is broken when two tides meet. The fish, confused by this natural phenomenon, can be observed leaping in the air as if in a state of complete madness. The artwork for the label was originally designed by the late Maxine Fumagalli, a Noongar artist from Western Australia’s Great Southern region, who had a deep love for the land and the people of the region. Her designs reflect the Aboriginal understanding that there is unity between land, sea, stars, animals and people, hence the inclusion of all elements in the label’s design. The traditional Aboriginal water turtle design on the label is a symbol of perseverance and tolerance – no doubt characteristics displayed by the fish in Madfish Bay. In the spirit of Western Australia, MadFish Wines are without pretension and without fuss. – http://www.madfishwines.com.au

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